Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

Sponsored By:   Dr. Seidel
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Meeting opened at 7:35 pm at the HVFD 

Attendees Present:
Board Members –

Erik Allen, President
Andre Jones, Vice President
Dan’l Pierce, Football Commissioner

Donna Allison, Cheerleading Co-Commissioner

Tara Grim, Secretary


General Discussion/Business:

  • Lacrosse season in full swing.

  • Butter Braid fundraiser currently taking place.

  • Lacrosse team pictures rescheduled for 4/17/16 at PPES.

  • Football/Cheerleading Registration Open (as of 4/1/16).

  • Early bird registration discount of $10 until 5/15/16.

  • Dan’l Pierce has stepped up as Football Commissioner.

  • Football equipment for some still not returned from previous season. Sean Queen holds the list.

  • Football equipment was tested and conditioned last year, no need to do so again until 2017.

  • Dan’l applying for grants for football program, needs more background information on Club.

  • Gigi Deere has resigned from Cheerleading Commissioner

  • Kim Koteff and Donna Allison have stepped up as Cheerleading Co-Commissioners. 

  • Kim Koteff to hold vote count regarding Board issues.

  • The need for new cheer mats was addressed again. Donna to research types/costs. 

  • Sell or donate old cheer mats once we purchase new.

  • Discussed new spirit wear for cheerleaders through MyLocker.com or another means. Donna to research.

  • Promote Football/Cheerleading for 2016 through banners, school fliers, website and Facebook.

  • All HYC Cheer Coaches are certified, add to club promotional material.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm