Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

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Meeting opened at 7:35pm at the HVFD 

Attendees Present:

Board Members –
Erik Allen, President

Andre Jones, Vice President
Kim Koteff, Co-Cheer Commissioner

Donna Allison, Co-Cheer Commissioner

Tara Grim, Secretary

General Discussion/Business:

  • Fall Ball Lacrosse U15 ongoing until 10/16.

  • Homecoming Raffle Tickets being collected by Tara Grim.

  • Team/player posters and banners being collected by Tara Grim by 10/13.

  • Homecoming Raffle Baskets – each team to put together a basket to be raffled, Tara Grim to collect by 10/13.

  • Inflatables for Homecoming—Fantasy World to arrive at 8:15am, board member to be present at field.

  • Randy Stephens and Terry Harris to announce Homecoming games.

  • Tara Grim to email coaches rosters for announcers.

  • Erik Allen to pick up table and raffle barrel rental Friday 10/14 from Top Hat.

  • Kim Koteff to bring balloons for tunnel Homecoming day.

  • Cheer to set up and run their annual Bake Sale Homecoming Day.

  • Board members to meet at 8:15am at HPP Homecoming morning to set up.

  • Playoffs scheduled for weekend of November 5th.

  • Championship games to be held weekend of November 12th.

  • All Star tryouts to take place in November.

  • Board positions available soon: President, possible Vice President.

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm