Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

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Meeting opened at 7:30pm at HVFD 

Attendees Present:

Board Members –
  Andre Jones, President

Sean Queen, Vice President

Tara Grim, Secretary

Dayna Lusby, Treasurer

Fred Lynch, Lacrosse Commissioner

Patrick Parise, Football Commissioner

Nicki Daniels, Cheer Commissioner


General Members –

Shannon Gatens, Katelynn Hall, Jennifer Elliott, Tonia Sparks, Hayleigh Strong, Kelsey Strong, Matt Taby, Liz Starks, Bill Elliott, Darlene Poust, Diamond Contee, Michael Irving

General Discussion/Business:

  • Coaches interested in coaching cheer for 2018 should complete application. 

  • Nicki Daniels to meet with each candidate about their group interest, prior level of experience and goals for the season.

  • New Cheer Uniforms for 2018.  Option 1, purchase new uniforms for all teams. Option 2, purchase enough uniforms for half the program for 2018 (perhaps oldest 3 teams) and then at the end of the season purchase the next half to cover younger teams and flag for 2019.

  • Looking at multiple vendors for cheer uniforms, Nicki to provide pricing and mockups at future meeting(s).

  • Summer Cheer Camp.  Nicki to contact Parks and Rec soon to schedule date(s) for a Free HYC Cheer Camp.

  • Need interested cheer coaches to assist with Cheer Camp for camp to be successful.

  • Cheer Coaches Clinic to be held by Nicki prior to the start of the season to A) Review Stunt Safety; B) Tumble Coaching/Safety; C) Review cheers for all coaches.

  • Cheer Mats still being stored at the homes of 2 cheer moms.  Andre and Sean to contact and schedule time to remove ASAP (perhaps upcoming weekend).

  • No football or cheer coaches have been assigned for 2018.  All interested coaches to submit application with the board. Coaches to be determined closer to season.

  • SMYLA Meeting took place January 6, 2018.

  • Fred Lynch to serve as SMYLA President again for 2018.

  • Lacrosse practices to begin February 26th.

  • Preseason Lacrosse Games scheduled for March 24th in Bowie at Mitchellville Fields for U11, U13 & U15 teams.

  • Lax games begin April 7th for 6 weeks.  (Game dates:  4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5 & 5/12).

  • All Star Lacrosse games scheduled for May 13th.

  • SMYLA Tournament scheduled May 19th & May 20th.  Scoopers to play 5/19. 

  • U9 Tournament to take place May 20th.

  • Calverton fields added to utilize for lacrosse practices.  Rented for $50 per practice (for 4 days a week) or $60 per practice (at 3 days per week), TBD.  HYC to pay down payment to secure field.

  • May add a few Friday night games at Calverton depending on availability and costs.

  • U11, U13, U15 to hold practices at PPES.  Field available Mon, Wed, Thurs.

  • Scoopers & U9 to practice at Calverton / possibly 1 night a week at CMS.  Andre to talk to Parks and Rec to determine if we don’t use the field at CMS if we can hold the option for next year/2019.

  • Lacrosse fundraiser—need ideas beyond Butter Braids and volunteer(s) to facilitate.

  • Fred to find a few sponsors to sponsor HYC lacrosse to assist with rental fees for Calverton field.

  • Fred ordered 2 cases of lacrosse balls and is having our lacrosse goals welded/repaired.

  • Formation of “Football Committee” idea presented by Patrick Parise.

  • Football Committee would consist of: Club President, Vice President, Football Commissioner and other club members to handle particular situations and to have a representative from HYC on site at all games.

  • Football Committee would help with equipment (handouts, returns, orders, repairs, etc.)

  • Formation of “Coaches Committee” presented by Patrick. 

  • Coaches Committee would interview all those interested in Head Coach Positions (even unopposed positions) and coaching decisions would be made by committee.  This helps avoid conflict or questions of unfairness, etc.

  • Football Committee and Coaches Committee discussions tabled for the time being, to be discussed and voted on at a later date.

  • Possibility of introducing Spring Football program.  Good for new players/beginners to “try out” football without the big commitment of fall football.  Also good option for those who don’t play another spring sport.

  • 2 possible leagues for Spring Football:  1) GMYFL (Saturday League) or 2) Gladiator (Sunday League).

  • Both spring leagues offer football for all age groups 6U – 14U.  Cost would include $50 registration fee plus $75 for uniform (if needed, players from fall football 2017 can use same uniform).

  • Leaning towards Gladiator League for Sunday games to not conflict with Lacrosse (Saturday game scheduled).

  • Gladiator Spring Football:  Practice once a week (practice begin end of Feb/early March). Games played on Sunday, beginning in April (6 weeks of games).

  • Patrick to send club email/introduce Spring Football idea to all club members to find if we have enough interest to field teams.

  • Tara to promote Spring Football on Facebook and the HYC website.

  • Football helmets need to be reconditioned (ASAP if we choose to move forward with Spring Football).

  • Need to relocate HYC storage/equipment shed.  Need to find a location to move shed to ASAP.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:41pm