Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

Sponsored By:   KAIROS
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Meeting opened at 7:38pm at HVFD

Attendees Present:

Board Members –

   Andre Jones, President

   Sean Queen, Vice President

   Tara Grim, Secretary

   Dayna Lusby, Treasurer

   Shawn Powell, Lacrosse Commissioner

Patrick Parise, Football Commissioner

Nicki Daniels, Cheer Commissioner


General Members –

Shannon Gatens, Katelynn Hall, Kelsey Strong, Jackie Pierce, Jamie Christiansen, Mike Jenkins, Matt Taby


General Discussion/Business:

  • Andre sent football helmets for reconditioning.  Helmets to be returned end of June. Possible need to purchase additional helmets, pending on registration numbers.

  • Football & Cheer coaching applications accepted until June 1.  

  • HYC utilizing storage space at Julie Rogers Dance Studio to store football/cheer equipment.  Working on plan to install new shed at Marley Run ASAP, should have final clear/be okay with CCPR as all requirements have been met. HYC to purchase additional insurance to cover new shed/including contents. 

  • Discussed possibility of sponsorships to help offset cost of new shed/insurance (business advertisement on shed).

  • Hurricanes blanket mockup presented by Sean. 150 minimum order, need to sell 70 before profits are made.

  • 5k run/walk fundraiser presented for upcoming fall. Alison Curtis and Tara to organize. Board voted yes to proceed.

  • HYC to sponsor golf tournament for Julie Rogers Dance Studio.

  • Pat discussed practice fields for football teams, may need readjusting from past years due to club growth.

  • Club to purchase lighting for football/cheer practice fields. Would prefer permanent LED lights (for long term use), need to price. Rental another option.

  • Press Box to be built on our home field after shed is constructed at Marley Run.  Shed is priority.

  • Dayna gave treasurer’s report.

  • Shawn discussed lacrosse. Season concludes upcoming weekend with SMYLA tournament.

  • Bayhawks event cancelled due to late home game opener (6 weeks post season), not many parents could attend due to summer plans.

  • Board voted club to issue $5 per player for lacrosse team parties.

  • Nicki is working with CCPR to arrange another summer cheer camp/clinic. Hoping to secure Mt. Hope Community Center (indoors), TBA soon.

  • Plenty of cheer applications have been submitted (new and returning coaches) we should have amble coaches.

  • Cheer anticipates having the following squads: Flag, 7U, 9U, 10/11U, 12U & 14U

  • Discussed cheer scheduling concerns again. Working toward team growth and strength while establishing and maintaining relationships between cheerleaders and football players.

  • Increased cheer registrations and additional cheer squads could help scheduling conflict.  HYC to pump out more info regarding cheer to encourage enrollment with new members.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm