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Sponsored By:   Dr. Seidel
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Girls Lacrosse Program

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  The Huntingtown Youth Club is dedicated to
teaching the game of lacrosse to girls from kindergarten through eighth grade and promoting teamwork and sportsmanship to all involved.  We promise that you will have lots of fun while also learning the techniques and strategies that make lacrosse such an exhilarating sport!

We participate in the St. Mary's Girls Lacrosse league which is comprised of teams from Southern Maryland.  The league is competitive and well organized.

Girls Lacrosse is significantly different than Boys Lacrosse, with the primary difference being the lack of body checking.  In fact, contact is not allowed except for very specific cases so this explains why girls do not wear pads and helmets, except for the goaltender.

All Huntingtown Youth Club Lacrosse programs are open to players of any skill level, including beginners.

Registration is open to all Calvert county and non-county residents.

Team composition will be as follows:







Women’s LAX regulation lacrosse stick, US LACROSSE approved protective goggles, colored mouth guard (no white or clear allowed). No jewelry


Practices will begin March 1, 2023  



U6 Registration is FREE ($20 Scrimmage Pinnie Fee Applies)


* * * LAX UNIFORMS 2023 * * *

Uniforms consist of jersey and kilt.

Please register by Feb. 1st if you have a preferred jersey number.  Numbers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  Number assignments may be given randomly after Feb. 1st, so please sign-up beforehand.



Registration will close February 1, 2023


For more information regarding our lacrosse program please contact HYC Lacrosse Commissioner D .