Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

Sponsored By:   Joshua & Charlene Wilson, Realtors
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Meeting opened at 7:36pm at HVFD


Attendees Present:

Board Members –
Andre Jones, President

Dayna Lusby, Treasurer

Shawn Powell, Boys Lacrosse Commissioner

Dorothy Lanthier, Girls Lacrosse Commissioner

Ryan Frazier, Boys Assistant Lacrosse Commissioner

Patrick Parise, Football Commissioner

Shannon Gatens, Assistant Cheer Commissioner

Katelynn Hall, Assistant Cheer Commissioner

Bill Elliott, Equipment Manager

Natalie Mirtich, Fundraising Coordinator


Voting Members –

Jennifer Elliott, Liz Starks, Amy Fowler, Angela Stallings, Rob Wyvill, Jimmy Harper, Jackie Harris

General Discussion/Business:

  • Andre stated that the main purpose of tonight’s meeting was to vote for the open board positions of Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer.
  • Andre then introduced HYC’s new girl LAX commissioner Dorothy Lanthier and welcomed her to the club.
  • Shawn Powell gave an update regarding the LAX program.
  • This year HYC has the most LAX players registered than ever before. 126 boys, and over 60 girls.
  •  This is the first year to have a girls program and it has brought a lot of new families to HYC.
  • HYC is the only program in the county with a U15 boys lax team with 20 kids on the team. It is made up of mostly 8th and 9th graders with a few first time players.  
  • Shawn is still collected any and all used Lax equipment so that he can donate to new players. He asked everyone in attendance to please keep that in mind and let him know if anyone comes across any lax equipment he could use.   
  • Recently Shawn posted on his personal FB page asking for $50 donation to the Lax program.
  • The lax boys’ coaches held a poker game at Shawn’s house and collected $570 to which he donated to HYC. 
  • March 28 will be the first game of the boys season. HPP will be our home field (boys 11 and up), field 17 for the girls, and Marley Run for boys U7 and U9.
  • Shawn praised his Lax coaching staff for going above and beyond for all the players. Some are holding extra practices, others are coaching multiple teams and all are showing a love of the game. He stressed that we need more dedicated volunteers to ensure the growth of the Lax program.
  • Dorothy Lanthier introduced herself.
  • First game for girls lax will be March 21.
  • There was a discussion of sponsorships for the Lax-A-Daisy Tournament to be held in May. She would also like to hold some fundraisers to help with any additional costs.
  • Dorothy would like to create fliers to advertise for next season.
  • Patrick Parise informed the board of the SMYAC committee meeting that was recently held. There were a few rule changes – one being the NO mandatory player rule (ages 12 and up). He would like the goal of HYC to keep the rule of every athlete plays the game.
  • Football Registration to open April 1.
  • Shed update: 12x24 shed is completed, permit is done but now waiting on the Fire Marshall to give his OK before it is placed at Marley Run. 
  • Pat requested HYC provide a small donation to the business that have previously held our football equipment as a token of appreciation. 
  • Press box update: Parks and Rec has said OK to the design request. $11,700 will be donated by an individual but is on hold temporarily. 
  • Shannon Gatens gave a cheer update.
  • Registration for cheer will open April 1.
  • New cheer accessory pricing has been updated and given to Tara.
  • Research on cheer mats is ongoing – trying to find the best price for quality.
  • Fundraising was discussed by everyone. The HYC website has sponsors listed – how long have they been there? How long did each pay to have that spot on the website? Can we change any? Do they pay annually?  Places to give donations were discussed (Rod & Reel, The Help Association)  Shawn Powell discussed a popcorn fundraiser.  Dorothy Lanthier mentioned Wawa cards. Natalie Mirtich will follow up.
  • Candidates in attendance that were in the running for the Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer positions introduced themselves. (Liz Sparks, Amy Fowler and Angela Stallings)
  • Natalie Mirtich took meeting minutes in Tara's absence.
  • General Membership Meeting adjourned at 8:01pm
  • Board Vote took place immediately after. 
  • Liz Starks was elected as HYC Assistant Secretary.
  • Angela Stallings was elected as HYC Assistant Treasurer.