Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

Sponsored By:   Dr. Seidel
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Meeting opened at 7:05pm through Zoom online-conferencing platform 

Attendees Present:

Board Members –
Andre Jones, President

Sean Queen, Vice President

Tara Grim, Secretary

Dayna Lusby, Treasurer

Liz Starks, Assistant Secretary

Angie Stallings, Assistant Treasurer

Patrick Parise, Football Commissioner

Shawn Powell, Boys Lacrosse Commissioner

Ryan Frasier, Boys Assistant Lacrosse Commissioner

Dorothy Lanthier, Girls Lacrosse Commissioner

Shannon Gatens, Assistant Cheer Commissioner

Katelyn Hall, Assistant Cheer Commissioner

Natalie Mirtich, Fundraising Coordinator



General Discussion/Business:

  • Andre discussed the country's current situation relating to COVID-19 which has sports programs on hold with uncertainty on when they will resume.
  • Football/Cheer Registration was scheduled to open April 1st but the BOD had previously voted to delay Fall Registration due to the present situation with COVID-19. This information was communicated to HYC members through email and Facebook.
  • Shawn Powell discussed refund and registration roll-over options for boys lacrosse in the event SMYLA cancels the spring lacrosse season.
  • Dorothy discussed rollover and refund options for girl's lacrosse in the event the league cancels the spring season.
  • Board members decided it best we continue to hold off until the lacrosse leagues (boys and girls) make the decision on their season. HYC is committed to keeping our members informed and will notify our members as soon as we receive updates. If the season(s) are cancelled by their league(s) HYC will refund all lacrosse registrants their registration fees.
  • For those who ordered a lacrosse uniform, if you have not yet received your uniform we will get your player their uniform.  This will be arranged as soon as it's safe to do so (after the state mandate to "stay home" is lifted). 
  • All 8th grade lacrosse players (boys and girls) will receive a full refund for registration fees as well as their uniform fees.  We will make arrangements with those girls who have already received their uniforms to return so they may receive a uniform refund (unless the player prefers to keep uniform).
  • U.S. Lacrosse memberships are not available to be refunded through the club, as it's a separate fee.  Those interested in a refund should contact U.S. Lacrosse directly.
  • All future club fundraisers are presently on hold as we do not want to place any unnecessary financial responsibilities on our members.
  • We remain hopeful fall sports will resume as normal.  If and when we are given guidance it is safe to proceed we will open registration for fall football and cheer.
  • The board had planned to introduce new football uniforms for the fall 2020 season.  Due to the current circumstance we realize this may present an unnecessary financial burden to some families so we are currently discussing holding back the uniform change until 2021. 
  • Our goal is that every child be able to return to play once sports return.
  • HYC has a new equipment shed, located at Marley Run Park.  We would like to thank Patrick Parise for spear heading the project. We also want to thank American Mechanical Services for their donation, Mike Hart, CCPR, Morgan Russell and John Grim for their collective efforts in assisting with the process.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm