Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

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VIRTUAL BOARD MEETING – January 12, 2021

Meeting opened at 7:00pm through Zoom online-conferencing platform 

Attendees Present:

Board Members –

Sean Queen, President

Tara Grim, Vice President

Amanda Smith, Secretary

Angie Stallings, Treasurer

Liz Starks, Assistant Secretary

Dorothy Lanthier, Lacrosse Commissioner

Michael Minovitz, Assistant Lacrosse Commissioner

Shannon Gatens, Cheer Commissioner

Katelyn Hall, Assistant Cheer Commissioner

Bill Elliott, Equipment Manager

Natalie Mirtich, Fundraising Coordinator


General Discussion/Business:

·         Sean Queen steps up as President.

·         Tara Grim steps up as Vice President.

·         Amanda Smith steps up as Secretary.

·         Dorothy Lanthier steps up as Lacrosse Commissioner (for both boys and girls lacrosse).

·         Shannon Gatens steps up as Cheer Commissioner.

·         Michael Minovitz steps up as Assistant Lacrosse Commissioner.

·         Spring Lacrosse registration remains open online.

·         SMYLA to hold virtually meeting on Jan 23rd to discuss upcoming lacrosse season.

·         A private St. Mary's boy's box-lacrosse league has been in contact with Dorothy for this spring.  Possible alternative if SMYLA cancels spring 2021 season.

·         Also discussed flag football as a possible alternative for spring activity.  Entire board agrees we need to do whatever we can to offer program(s) this spring.

·         Sean to call CCPR this week to discuss field availability this Spring along with any COVID-19 guidelines or restrictions

·         Sean has been added to the HYC bank account.  To meet with Angie this week or next to add her as an authorized signer on the account as well.

·         Angie met with Dayna last Sunday to receive treasurer materials/books/reports, etc.

·         Dayna reported to Angie HYC's 2020 tax paperwork has been given to an accountant for filing purposes.

·         Angela gave the board the club's bank account balance.

·         One of Sean's goals for 2021 is to repair or replace HYC's scoreboard at HPP.

·         Assign Pat or another board member to take the lead on getting price quotes for scoreboard repair/replacement.

·         Sean discussed football uniforms for 2021.  Board in agreeance most players will need to purchase new uniforms so board agreed to offer new uniform this year.

·         Sean to contact uniform supplier for mockups.

·         SMYAC planning to meet end of this month to discuss possible spring season, particularly for 14U teams that missed their final fall youth season.

·         COVID-19 restrictions within tri-county SMYAC area varies and could affect fall season. 

·         Shannon and Katie are in the process of collecting all cheer uniforms from 2019 head coaches along with any still held by 2019 cheerleaders.

·         Katie intends to reach out to Wendy Bowen to reestablish HYC & HHS cheer relationship.

·         Shannon and Katie hope to hold HYC's summer camp in 2021.  Shannon to reach out to CCPR to find if we can add it to CCPR's summer activities brochure.

·         Discussed club fundraising. As long as spring activities resume, board agrees we should resume fundraising as well.

·         Discussed football square fundraiser for upcoming Super Bowl, Natalie to manage.

·         Natalie had previously set up Canes apparel fundraiser (t-shirts and masks) but we placed it on hold due to pandemic and no HYC programs in 2020.  Natalie to revisit that fundraiser for upcoming spring.

·         Discussed sponsorship ideas to help fund scoreboard fixture/replacement as well as a future press box.

·         Angela offered to set up club PayPal and Venmo accounts (for future fundraisers/payment options).

    Meeting adjourned at 7:43pm