Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

Sponsored By:   Sean Queen
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HYC VIRTUAL BOARD MEETING – September 14, 2021

  • HYC Board Meeting
  • Opened at 8:10pm via Zoom web-conferencing platform
  • Attendees Present:
    • Board Members:
      • Sean Queen, President
      • Tara Grim, Vice President
      • Angela Stallings, Treasurer
      • Liz Starks, Secretary
      • Shannon Gatens, Cheer Commissioner
      • Katelyn Hall, Assistant Cheer Commissioner
      • Natalie Mirtich, Fundraising Coordinator
      • Patrick Parise, Football Commissioner  
    • Members:
      • None
  • General Discussion/Business:
    • Football
      • Sean reported that we cannot have the two games the Friday before homecoming due to the new Halloween event with Parks and Rec. He said he will try to find another night for those two games.
      • Discussed that with the amount of people in HYC and Covid we should not have a Pep Rally. Homecoming is October 23rd
      • Discussed that we are not going to pay for inflatables at Homecoming, and we need to come up with the top three prizes for the raffle tickets. Sean reported that a Play Station 5 or an Apple product can be used as the grand prize.
      • Tara asked the Board to come up with suggestions the top prizes and we can discuss via email next week. She will also email us what we did in 2019 for top prizes.
      • Discussion regarding fundraising that teams are doing, and one parent tried to set up a PayPal. Angie reported they need to have their donations through Venmo noted so she knows it is not for HYC as a whole
      • Sean reported he has been managing the 10U fundraiser and he will handle 11U D1
      • Natalie reported that Pat’s team is not doing a team fundraiser because the parents are paying their way
      • Angie reported that there is a specific form to be filled out for donations and when a team asks for funds, they will get a check based on what was deposited.
      • Sean reported that there is an excel sheet for a team regarding their fundraisers for bowls and they will have the form with their checks to give to Angie
      • Discussion regarding lack of lights on the fields now that it is getting dark by 7:30pm. Sean reported he is working on it.
      • Still need an announcer for homecoming and a sound system. Sean wants to hire Beach’s announcer and he will check with him to work the games for the older kids
      • Discussed getting an equipment manager, but since the equipment is already handed out we can discuss again in the winter when new board members are elected.
    • Cheer
      • With Covid the cheerleaders cannot do the bake sale during Homecoming, but they will do a 50/50 raffle instead
      • Shannon reported final rosters are due the 20th and payment is due September 30th
      • Shannon reported that they can only get indoor space at PPMS two nights a week due to staff availability- someone from Parks and Rec needs to be there. She is checking on availability in Calvert Country and HES.  She will also ask CES but PFE typically practices there
      • Discussed whether a board member could sit there during practices instead of a Parks and Rec employee, but she needs to check on that
      • Discussed that 12 and under need a mask which makes it challenging for stunts, and the only team this does not apply to is the 14U. However, they are doing the stunts outside for now, but they may stop stunts for a while because the girls are really close to each other. If one gets COVID they will all have to quarantine due to their proximity with each other. This can be revisited later in the season, because the girls will need to practice stunts for future competitions. Shannon reported she is not sure there will be a formal competition  
      • Katelynn mentioned a few roster changes may happen because some girls have not showed up to practice
      • Upcoming Fundraiser Dates:
        • Natalie reported she is setting up the yard signs fund raiser
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:03pm