Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

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  • HYC Board Meeting
  • Opened at 7:30pm via Zoom web-conferencing platform
  • Attendees Present:
    • Board Members:
      • Sean Queen, President
      • Tara Grim, Vice President
      • Liz Starks, Secretary
      • Shannon Gatens, Cheer Commissioner
      • Katelyn Hall, Assistant Cheer Commissioner
      • Michael Minovitz, Lacrosse Commissioner
      • Natalie Mirtich, Fundraising coordinator
      • Patrick Parise, Football Commissioner
    • Members:
      • Brenda Robeson
      • Benson Tiralla
      • Nisa
      • Jim Lusby
      • Dayna Lusby
      • Stacey Hoffman
  • General Discussion/Business:
    • Lacrosse
      • 123 girls are registered. 12U has 25 players and 14U has 25 players.  
      • Discussed whether we wait list after 27.  The teams will need to be split somehow- two at 12U and one 14U or vice versa.  
      • Rosters need to get set soon because their games begin March 18.
      • Jim Lusby reported he will run practices for the 12U and 14U girls, but he needs an admin person to help run some practices and act as a game day manager.  He is also coaching scoopers so he may need help on game day. Discussed how to divide the two age groups and he would prefer girls not getting waitlisted.  He wants to find a way to get the girls on a roster and give them an opportunity to play in our county.  
      • Dorothy suggested they ask if any parents want to volunteer to help coach. Discussed having a zoom call with parents prior to practices starting to explain the help they need- running drills, corralling kid etc.
      • Brenda Robeson reported she can help with a team.
      • Sean reported that Dunkirk is struggling with numbers, and Beach will send players our way because they are not able to field a team.
      • Discussed that scheduling everyone’s practice is challenging with only having two fields the first two weeks until Hallowing Point Park is available.


  • Mike Minnovitz’s wife volunteered to help with one of the teams.
  • The lacrosse uniform order is in for girls, and the boys will have another week.  
  • Tri-County rules meeting is February 21st
  • Mike reported that Saturday is SMYLA meeting, and we should know whether we need new shoulder pads, and whether 15U can play high school and club level.
  • Two goals need two nets. Goals on HPP need to be chained up, and some are not chained up. Sean reported the goals that are chained up are Prince Frederick’s goals, and the unchained ones are HYC.  Mike reported we may need one more small goal. Sean has discussed with Prince Frederick about buying the goals, but they may try restart lacrosse program
  • County field permits have not been issued yet.  We are hoping to get PPES, Calvert Middle, and HPP. Dunkirk District Park is only open for soccer.  Mike asked to get clarification for what field we have at CMS because two nights a week we have four teams practicing the same time since flag football is also there.
  • Tara reported she will order more helmet decals   
  • Football
    • Registration will open April 1st
    • There is still outstanding equipment and Saturday February 19th from 9-11am will be the last time to return equipment.
    • Sean will send an email to families who still owe equipment. .
  • Fundraising
    • Natalie reported that the Superbowl pool will happen over Facebook live.
    • March 9th HYC has a fundraiser at Panda Express
    • Lacrosse apparel order will give percentage back to the club. Sean reported that we still owe them money from last year.
  • Cheer
    • Takes six weeks for new uniforms, and Shannon mentioned giving some options for parents.
    • Discussed an HYC cheer uniform was seen at a local thrift store.  Angie photo of cheer uniform and return policy and will follow up.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:30pm