Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

Sponsored By:   Sean Queen
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              GENERAL BOARD MEETING – September 14, 2022

Meeting opened at 8:00 pm through Zoom online-conferencing platform 

Attendees Present:

Board Members –

Sean Queen, President

Tara Grim, Vice President

Angie Stallings, Treasurer

Shannon Gatens, Cheer Commissioner

Katelyn Hall, Assistant Cheer Commissioner

Mike Minovitz, Boys Lacrosse Commissioner

Natalie Mirtich, Fundraising Coordinator

Pat Parise

General Members –

Kelsey Strong

Jennifer Goshen

Tabitha Greer

Lauren Comer

Jennifer Breen

Lakeisha Hurley

Natalie Lake                            

General Discussion/Business:


  • Sean reported that he needs to get the flag socks, and still has to order some uniforms. SMYAC has three weeks posted for games and Tara will add it to our webite.
  • Homecoming is October night and the football game scheduled for the pep rally may be moved to Saturday.
  • We will have a pep rally on our home field on October
  • Teams are encouraged to set up a team tent
  • Carnival is the theme. We could do face painting, ring toss, etc.  Team moms are encourage to email Tara or Liz their ideas for games and to avoid duplicate games.
  • Discussed home coming court- the players and cheerleaders vote for their choice. that each player who paid the registration fee receive $50 worth of raffle tickets to be entered into a drawing on Homecoming. Team moms will hand out the raffle tickets for parents to sign, and then collect them.  Raffle tickets will get turned in to Liz or Tara.  Prizes are announced throughout the day and the three top prizes are announced after the last game.
  • explained that each team will also submit a basket that will be raffled off during homecoming  These tickets are purchased the day of Homecoming. Email Tara or Liz the basket theme so that we do not have many duplicates. Tara will email the Team Moms about the pep rally and homecoming details.
  • Mrs. Krakowski will make the sashes for homecoming. 
  • Katie reported that some teams have the 8th graders recognized during the pep rally
  • Cheerleaders make posters for all of the football teams, and parents are encouraged to hand posters of their child.  Our games will be on the side with the bleachers.
  • Discussed suggestions for the top prizes.  Natalie reported that we could also sell some spirit wear and she has submitted an idea for a crew neck hoodie. She reported we can also sell yard signs.
  • Sean reported that the DJ is booked for the pep rally and homecoming.
  • Discussed light situation at the practice fields.  Pat reported that some teams are going to be practicing at Hallowing Point Park. Sean reported that one of the front light towers blew up so he needs to rent another one.



  • Shannon reported that only Beach and HYC have submitted final rosters which are due before Parks and Rec will assig indoor space. Shannon reported that they requested three days, two hours per practice.
  • Shannon sent an email to coaches regarding team photos. Amanda Webb-mai is going to take the photos- four individual photos and parents will have full rights of the photos. She can be at practices as early as 4:30, and the best light at the field is between 9am-12pm. Team moms or head coaches can schedule their team photos, and she can meet with families for a makeup up photo if necessary.




  • The Crab Grab fundraiser allowed the club to order a larger score board. In Memory of JR #55 will be included on the board. Katie reported that she gave the cheerleaders and football players wrist bands-LLJ (Long Live Joe), and tags for the cheerleaders’ shoes will be stamped with the number 55.


  • Angie reported that the checks for the winners of the Crab Grab will be mailed this week.  She also reported that she knows someone who will build a press box but we HYC needs to go through the permit process.  Pat reported that the county is on board for the permits, and a blue print has been approved.


Meeting adjourned at 8:58pm