Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

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2010 Calvert County Youth Football League
Playoff Schedule


Friday, November 12th

Kellams Field  
6:15pm            100lb      (1) Beach vs. (4) PF Eagles
7:30pm            UNL        (2) Beach vs. (3) Dunkirk
Saturday, November 13th
Dunkirk Park #4                                                                                             
9:00am            PW Jr. (1) Dunkirk White vs. (4) Steelers Gold  
10:15am          70 Sr.  (2) Dunkirk vs. (3) Huntingtown                                 
11:30am          70 Jr.   (1) Dunkirk Blue vs. (4) Beach                                   
12:45pm          70 Jr.   (2) Dunkirk White vs. (3) Dunkirk Red                       
2:00pm            80 Jr.   (1) Dunkirk Blue vs. (4) Huntingtown

Hallowing Point #11
9:00am            70 Sr.   (1) PF Eagles vs. (4) Solomons
10:15am          80 Sr.   (2) PF Eagles vs. (3) Huntingtown
11:30am          90lb      (2) PF Eagles vs. (3) Dunkirk Blue
12:45pm          120lb    (1) PF Eagles vs. (4) Beach

Hallowing Point #12                                                                             
9:00am            PW Sr.  (2) Huntingtown vs. (3) Dunkirk                                
10:15am          90lb       (1) Huntingtown vs. (4) Dunkirk Red                       
11:30am          120lb     (2) Huntingtown vs. (3) Solomons                
BGE Field
9:00am            PW Sr. (1) Solomons vs. (4) PF Eagles
10:15am          PW Jr. (2) Steelers White vs. (3) Dunkirk Blue
11:30am          80 Sr.  (1) Solomons vs. (4) Dunkirk
12:45pm          80 Jr.   (2) Steelers Gold vs. (3) Dunkirk Red
2:00pm            100lb   (2) Steelers Black vs. (3) Dunkirk
3:15pm            UNL      (1) Solomons vs. (4) PF Eagles

*Winning teams call their scores into the CCPR Sports Office at 410-535-1600, x2227 or x2229. 

2010 Calvert Classic Youth Football Championships
November 19th and 20th
Patuxent High School

Friday, November 19th
6:15pm                                  100lb Championship
7:30pm                                  Unlimited Championship
Saturday, November 20th
9:00am                                   Pee Wee Senior Championship
10:15am                                Pee Wee Junior Championship
11:30am                                70lb Senior Championship
12:45pm                                70lb Junior Championship
2:00pm – 2:30pm               BREAK
2:30pm                                  80lb Senior Championship
3:45pm                                  80lb Junior Championship
5:00pm                                  90lb Championship
6:15pm                                  120lb Championship                    
Higher seeded teams will be on the press box side of the field.  We ask that the home spectators sit on the right side of the press box and the visiting spectators sit on the left side of the press box (as you are looking up to it). 
All teams will need to turn in a team roster (with uniform numbers) to the press box prior to your game
Trophies will be presented to both teams.  The winning teams will be recognized at halftime of the following game with a team trophy presentation. 
No spectators are allowed inside of the fenced area around the football field. 
Please place your trash in the cans provided around the field.  Concessions will be available during all games.