Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

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Huntingtown Hornets Youth Club


Meeting opened at 7:32pm at the HVFD 

Attendees Present:

Board Members -

Erik Allen, President
Randy Stephens, Football Commissioner
Wendy Madison, Secretary

General Members – 
Kim Koteff, Jack Jones, Dennis Boone, Tim Fridman, Joey O'Barr, Billy Croson, Warren McClain, Keith Kelly, Chris Kelly, Joe Kasulke, Steve Bello


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General Discussion/Business:

  • There is no longer a St.Mary's Youth Football Club/Team  (they are going independent and joiing PG Leagues)
  • Pracitices will be held on 3 fields at PPMS
  • HPP Field #3 can onl y be used on Tuesdays - Coaches wanting to use HPP must contact Erik for scheduling
  • First day of season is August 1st - Practices can begin on that day
  • Final Weigh-in info will be obtained at next County meeting on July 26th but looking at the 3rd week in August
  • Games will begin August 27th
  • No games will be scheduled for Labor Day weekend
  • 95lb - 125lb heavier wieght chart - up to 5 playbackers 3 on field at a time only
  • PW, 75, 85 up to 5 playbackers and can play all 5 at one time
  • No 9th graders are allowed to play Unlimited
  • 125lb allowed to have 9th graders as long as they can make weight
  • Home teams are to check ID Cards for games
  • Practices are 4x's until school starts, then 3x's until Oct 1st, then only 2x's a week allowed
  • Film meetings do not count as a practice
  • PW 1st half of season 1st 2 penalties are warnings
  • PW 60 seconds between plays once ref sets ball for play
  • All Coaches should carry rules to all games to show ref in case of issues, if ref doesn't follow rules coaches are to get names of ref, document game, time etc. for couny follow-up
  • Mandatory play rule - if you see a violation you must tell coach and ref after asking ref for official time out, if you can prove rule not being followed advise ref of protest of game and follow-up with Randy Stephens
  • 125lb, 105lb, and 95lb football teams will use lower backfield at PPMS
  • 85lb football will use lower field at PPES
  • All other teams will use regular fields at PPMS
  • August 20th Kick-off Classic
  • Scrimmage dates were discussed but not finalized
  • Reminder of concussion clinic
  • Name and colors still waiting to hear from HHS boosters

Meeting adjourned at