Our Mission:Founded in 1999, the Huntingtown Youth Club is a non-profit independent, community-based, organization dedicated to youth development. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and develop the potential of its members, their families and ou

Sponsored By:   KAIROS
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Huntingtown Youth Club


Meeting opened at 7:35pm at the HVFD 

Attendees Present:

Board Members –
Erik Allen, President
Chris Kelly, Vice President
Barbara Hayes, Treasurer
Wendy Madison, Secretary
Randy Stephens, Football Commissioner
Jeff Bagarus, Basketball Commissioner

General Members – 
Andre Jones, Dennis Boone

  • Treasurer's report given by Barbara Hayes
General Discussion/Business:
  • Basketball update – teams have been chosen and players notified rosters and more info. will be posted on basketball page soon.
  • County Basketball Coaches meeting held next Tues the 20th schedules will given at meeting.
  • 1st tournament will be day after Christmas Dec. 26th, more info coming
  • All basketball teams will be moving to PPMS on Monday’s
  • Football update – equipment turn in Sun Dec. 18, 11 – 1 at equipment shed; coaches and/or parents can make returns.  Randy will keep log of what comes in and advise coaches.
  • Request for By-Law Committee to be appointed to review and modify By-Laws
  • There will be a Jan vote for Vice President and Basketball Commissioner since Jeff Bagarus and Chris Kelly were appointed mid-term.  Both positions will be voted on and seat taken Jan 1 2011 and held for a 3yr term.
  • Terms for other board members were discussed and to prevent critical seats being vacant at the same time a term time line was sent into place based on when current members were previously voted upon – Secretary & Football Commissioner seats will be open Jan 2013, President Jan 2014, Treasurer & Cheer Commissioner Jan 2015, Vice President & Basketball Commissioner Jan 2016’
  • Next Meeting Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm